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Instructions on How to use Using SurfMeNow
Article: KB0011539 Published: 2015-02-09 Last modified: 2016-07-20

Using SurfMeNow

SurfMeNow is a Computer Security team tool which allows you to view your FNAL web site as it is seen by the Internet. This is useful for developers who display different web page views to FNAL versus the Internet. To use this service, simply re-confgure your Web Browser (detailed instructions below describe configuring FireFox) to use a Proxy Server with the following information:

- Proxy Server:
- Proxy Server port: 3128
- Use this proxy server for all protocols is checked or enabled

After you re-configure your browser, simply navigate to your FNAL web page and the CST proxy server will retrieve the web content for you and your browser will render it as if you are surfing the web page from the Internet. Be sure to revert the proxy settings to default when you are don testing to resume normal web activities.


Troubleshooting information 

- If your web page does not appear, or you receive a connection error, the FNAL Border Router or Site Firewall, or your local Firewall, may be blocking access from the Internet to your web site. If this is the case, you should not see any access from the host '' (or its corresponding IP address) in your Web Server log files. You should check your local Firewall configuration, and if needed, submit a Web Server Exemption Request using ServiceNOW.
- If your log file indicates that there is a connection attempt from '' in your log files, but the page still does not display or gives an error, please check your web server configuration access controls (e.g. .htaccess files or equivilent) to allow the access.


Configuring FireFox

1) Open up your Firefox Preferences (typically through the Tools \ Options menu)

2) Select the Advanced icon and click on the Network tab. Click on the Settings button.

3) Click on the 'Manual proxy configuration' radio button and in the HTTP Proxy box, enter and for the port, enter 3128. Be sure to check the box 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'.

4) Click OK to apply the settings.

You should now be able to enter a FNAL.GOV web address and surf to it as if you are coming from the Internet. 


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