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Service Desk Quick Tour Guide
Article: KB0010305 Published: 2012-02-28 Last modified: 2016-07-20




Log in to the Service Desk at with your services account. 

After you log in to the Service Desk, you'll most likely see the Self Service Page, which looks something like this:


This is your home page.



On the left, there are links to different pages. The pages and information you can see varies by the role you are assigned by the Service Desk. Most people will see something like this:



 Any of the gray menu boxes expand or collapse when you click the arrows in the right corner of the box: 





In the expanded view, the Self Service menu contains links to the pages you have acess to:



The Service Catalog
page shows you all the services available:




The Service Catalog looks like this. It is where you make service requests:





You can also search the Service Catalog:


Back on the left-hand navigation panel, you can view current or past requested items or incidents.




If you have any open incidents or requested items, they also appear at the bottom of the Self Service page: 


The Self Service page is the default home page. You can change your home page by clicking on the box that says Switch to page...


The page you choose then becomes the default screen that is displayed when you log in, and the page appears when you click Homepage in the left-hand navigation panel.


My Profile, located in the left hand navigation panel, enables you to change your mobile phone number, set preferred date format, time zone, virtual organization (if applicable) and notification preferences:

See https
:// for information about changing your profile information. 



Service Desk How To contains more documentation on using the Service Desk.




For more information on using the Service Desk, see How-to documentation for end-users.




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