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How To > How to add spam filters in Mozilla Thunderbird
How to add spam filters in Mozilla Thunderbird
Article: KB0010533 Published: 2012-08-09 Last modified: 2016-07-20

How to add spam filters in Mozilla Thunderbird
Updated 8/9/2012


This article describes how to add spam filters in all versions of Mozilla Thunderbird for use with the new anti-virus/anti-spam system at Fermilab. The new system will be implemented on August 23; however, you may set your filters ahead of time with no negative effect.

Step One: Subcribe to Junk-Email folder


1)  In Thunderbird, look for a folder named Junk E-mail--most likely at the same level as your Inbox, Drafts and Sent folders, as illustrated below: 



2) If your Junk E-mail folder DOES NOT appear, right-click Inbox:



3) Select Subscribe:





4) Scroll down to Junk E-mail and check box next to it:



5) Click OK.

6) Your Junk E-mail folder will appear as a subscribed folder:




7) Proceed to Step Two.




If your Junk E-mail folder appears, you may proceed to "Step Two: Set Message Filters."


Step Two:  Set Message Filters


1) In Thunderbird, select menu item Tools > Message Filters.




The "Message Filters" window will appear:












2) In the "Message Filters" window, click New.


The "Filter Rules" dialog box will appear:





3) In the "Filter Rules" window, under Filter name, type "Junk E-Mail".

4) In the same window, next to "Apply filter when," select Checking Mail in the drop-down menu.


5) In the bullet list below Checking Mail, select Match any of the following


6) In the first box on the next line, select Customize in the drop-down menu.

The"Customize Headers" window will appear.


7) Enter "X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL"into the text box, then click on Add:







When complete, the window should look like this:









8) Click OK.

The "Customize Headers" window will close.

9) Back in the "Filter Rules" window, click the "Customize" drop-down list. Select the header you just created:


10) In the "contains" drop down list to the right, select is, and in the text box to the right, type "5".


11) Click on the Plus (+) button to the right of the text box that reads 5, a total of (3) three times.


You should now see a total of (4) rows with the first one labeled "5." In the subsequent text boxes, type "6", "7", and "8", as below:




12) In the"Perform these actions" section, set the first drop-down list to Set Junk Status to.

13) Set the drop-down list to the right to "Junk."


14) Press the + button.


15) Set the newly-created drop-down list to Move Message to


16) Set the next drop-down list to Junk E-Mail folder from the drop down list,as below:

17) Click OK.


Your Thunderbird email client is now able to filter spam.







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