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How to add spam filters in Mac Mail
Article: KB0010539 Published: 2012-08-10 Last modified: 2016-07-20

How to add spam filters in Mac Mail


This article describes how to add spam filters in Mac Mail for use with the new anti-virus/anti-spam system at Fermilab. The new system will be implemented on August 23; however, you may set your filters ahead of time with no negative effect.




1)      In the Mac Mail program, select "Mail > Preferences" from the menu bar.







2)      Select the "Junk Mail" icon at the top of the menu and set the following options


a.       Check the box next to "Enable junk mail filtering".


b.      Under "When junk mail arrives" Select "Perform custom actions".


c.       Check the box next to "Trust junk mail headers in messages".


d.      Click on "Advanced…" button at the bottom of the window.






3)      In the sub-window that appears, type "Junk E-Mail" into the description field.


4)      In the drop-down list immediately below the "Description" field, set the drop-down value to be "Any".


5)      In the conditions box, click on the drop-down list and select "Edit Header List…" at the bottom of the options.


6)      In the resulting window, click on the "+" button and type in the following text:





7)      Click "OK".






8)      Click on that same drop-down list again, and select the newly created header.


9)      In the drop-down list to its right, select "Is equal to"


10)   In the text field next to it, type in the number "5"


11)   Click on the plus button to the right of the number 5 a total (3) times.


12)   In each of the new rows, select the appropriate choices so that it matches the first row, and then in each of the text fields, type in "6", "7", and "8" so that it looks like the screen shot below.


13)   In the "perform the following actions" field, choose "Move Message" in the first drop-down list, and in the second drop-down list, select the "Junk E-Mail" folder.




14)   Click OK


15)   Your Mac Mail program is now configured to use Forefront anti-spam headers.

















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