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Information > November 4 Power Outage Known Impact
November 4 Power Outage Known Impact
Article: KB0010629 Published: 2012-10-09 Last modified: 2016-07-20

November 4 Power outage at the Central Utility Building (CUB), Feeder 44 maintenance

7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Areas impacted*:

Wilson Hall office areas - no power or computing/networking

WH5NW computer room - no power or computing/networking

WH8-Fiber Central computer room - no power or computing/networking
LHC ROC - power but no computing/networking

Site 29 - no Internet or networking

Areas NOT impacted:


            Services impacted*

All networking in Wilson Hall and Site 29
ES&H web server
Eshmedsvr (medical file server)
WH12th floor control room systems

Development systems for financials
MINOS underground area

NOvA surface not impacted, but timing is from the underground, which will be unavailable

Any application using a services password, FTL/Kronos for example, may experience sporadic log in issues

Services possibly impacted*
Access to Fermilab Time & Labor (FTL)
Access to ServiceNow Service Desk site
Access to SharePoint

* New items will be added to this list as they are determined.



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