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Who needs to use the Windows Terminal Server?

If you need to fill out your FTL timecard but do not have a web browser that works with the Flash version of the FTL system, you can use the Windows Terminal Server. This is particularly useful for people who use Linux, FNALU (Fermilab's central Unix server), or Mac OS X.   

What is required to access the Windows Terminal Server?

Your computer must have the appropriate Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client installed. The RDC client is already installed on all Fermilab Windows computers and FNALU nodes. 

If you are offsite, you need to connect to the Fermilab network via VPN before launching your RDC client. If you get connected to the Fermilab network via VPN but still have problems connecting to Windows Terminal Server, please check with your Internet Service Provider and make sure TCP port 3389 is not  blocked. If you are onsite and cannot connect via RDC, you may be located in a restricted network and need to use the Fermilab VPN. 

How to install the RDC client

How to start FTL from the Windows Terminal Server

How to quit your FTL Terminal Server session

1. Log off from the FTL application by clicking "Log Off" in the upper-right corner of the FTL page.
2. Quit your RDC client: