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This article describes the Fermilab anti-spam and anti-virus service.



FermiMail provides anti-spam/anti-virus services for incoming and outgoing email. This service will either block or remove attachments in an email message that contains detected viruses or malware before the email message is delivered to you. FermiMail senders will be notified of blocked attachments, but senders not using Fermimail will receive no such notification.

Note that no email filtering service is perfect and that some spam or malware may still be delivered to your Inbox. Also note that not all unwanted email is detected as spam; it is simply email you don't want. Users can add Junk Email filters via Outlook to filter unwanted email.

Mac Mail users, as well as those who use an email client other than Outlook or Webmail, must set filter rules in their email clients in order to have suspected spam automatically moved from their inbox to a junk mail folder. 

For questions about setting email filter rules, contact the Service Desk.



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Authored by Fang Wang
Last modified 2 months ago