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Macs at Fermilab

This article provides general information on the support for Fermilab-owned Macs.

Supported versions of macOS

Supported Mac Software

Most supported software is available as part of the default install of macOS or through the Self-Service application. If an application is not pre-installed, not available through Self-Service, and not listed below, that software may be licensed software and will require a Software request through the Service Desk.

 Available through Self Service application:

 Installed with macOS

Common questions

Q:  How can I check what updates have been installed in macOS?
A:  Instructions to view installed updates are available in KB0010499

Q:  What updates are available?
A:  For a list of approved updates see KB0011722

Q:  How can I connect to Fermilab VPN when using an iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad)?
A:  To set up and use Cisco AnyConnect client on an iPhone/iPad, see KB0010394

Unsupported versions of macOS (OS X)

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