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This article provides general Mac support information at Fermilab.




Supported versions of macOS


Supported Mac Software

Most supported software is available either as part of the default install of macOS or through the Self Service application. If an application is not pre-installed, not available through Self Service and no link in the list below, that means the software may be licensed software and you will need to submit a Service Desk ticket to request it.

Available through Self Service application:

Installed with macOS


Common questions

Q: How can I check what updates have been installed in macOS?

A: Instructions to view installed updates are available in KB0010499

Q: What updates are available?

A: For a list of approved updates see KB0011722

Q: How can I connect to Fermilab VPN when using an iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad)?

A: To set up and use Cisco AnyConnect client on an iPhone/iPad, see KB0010394


Unsupported versions of OS X

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