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Types of Certificates: Personal, Host and Service Certificates


Types of Certificates:  Personal, Host and Service Certificates

Personal certificates

Certificates for people are called personal certificates. Most people only need this type of certificates. Depending on what you want to do, you may need to get an OSG personal certificate or a CILogon personal certificate. Most Fermilab users are eligible for all of these.

You can possess only one valid personal certificate at a time from a given CA. You can possess valid personal certificates from multiple CAs. You can use your personal certificate(s) in multiple applications.

Host and Service certificates

Host and service certificates are used to authenticate hosts and services to other grid- and web-related programs, hosts and services. Use OSG PKI or commercial certificates. Both ends of the connection need to trust the OSG PKI or commercial CA for authentication to succeed.


Use SSL for secure communications Website security and SSL
Administering grid resources
FermiGrid 201 School Guide
OSG Compute Element Install Guide (OSG home page)  (a personal certificate is NOT needed to view OSG documentation but you may get a certificate selection popup if you have any personal certificate installed; you can safely Cancel this or select a certificate and click OK)
Administering various restricted web servers
Apache, IIS


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