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Web queries security changes
Article: KB0010902 Published: 2013-03-24 Last modified: 2016-07-20

Web queries security changes

The FNAL Reporting Services system “Web Queries” is being updated to enhance its security capabilities on April 3. After the update, only employees will be able to access the system using their “Services” account. 

For example, after the update when accessing the Purchase Order Query page, you will be prompted with the following screen:



You will then need to enter your “Services” username and password before being provided the actual web query page:


 All web query pages will have this security feature added, and only Fermilab employees will be accepted as authorized users.

 Here is a list of the web queries:

Query Name


FNAL AR Agreement and Invoice Recap (AIR)

FNAL Unbilled Costs and Commitments

FNAL Project Authorization List

FNAL Purchase Order Query

Open Commitments by PO (POC)

FNAL T&M Purchase Order/Release Query

FNAL Property Query

FNAL BSS On-Line Reports

FNAL Requisition Query

FNAL Project/Task Structure

Telecom Reports

FNAL Travel Code Reference

Task Summary Report by Expenditure Type ('TSR')

Task Transaction Detail (TTD)

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