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Changes to Video Conferencing Services
Article: KB0011361 Published: 2014-07-30 Last modified: 2016-07-20

Changes to Video Conferencing Services


Fermilab’s audio, web and video services are provided by ESnet. As many of you have heard, ESnet is discontinuing these services as of September 30, 2014. The lab intends to continue offering audio and web services and is currently working to select a vendor. Video conferencing will continue to work with our Polycom units, but the lab has chosen to discontinue video bridging and multi-point hosting services.


This change impacts video bridging and hosting services. Phone and web collaboration services will continue.

Individuals who use:

  • the ECS Ad-Hoc video services (85XXX, 88XXX, 75XXX and 78XXX) or
  • the ECS phone gateway, 510-423-9220

will no longer be able to use these numbers to host an audio or video conference after September 30.

After September 30, following are the video conferencing services that will be provided by Fermilab:

  1. Most of the video conference rooms will have point-to-point connections only. That is, each conference room will connect to one other conference room or device. You will no longer be able to host meetings that require video connections to more than one site, conference room or location.  Instead, you will need to use a video-bridging service provided by another institution or third-party service provider. Exceptions are listed below.
  2. Computing will provide support for connecting conference rooms to video bridging services provided by other institutions.  One week advance notice is needed to ensure the connections can be made since there is a risk that the equipment may be incompatible. Since centralized support for video-bridging services among the national labs will discontinue, there may be a wide range of video devices and services deployed by the other labs and institutions. The compatibility of our equipment with theirs is not guaranteed.
  3. Video conferencing support for CERN Vidyo services will go unchanged.

  4. Once again, Fermilab intends to continue audio and web collaboration services.

We will be holding three town hall meetings to provide more details, present options and answer questions.  The meeting dates are:

Tuesday, Aug. 5:  9  – 10:30 a.m., WH1E
Thursday, Aug. 7: 2 – 3:30 p.m., FCC2A
Thursday, Aug. 28: 10:30 a.m. – noon, FCC2A


Limited multi-point connections (up to 3 additional sites total) will be available in the following video conference rooms:*













 *The capabilities of these rooms are subject to change without notice. 

 View Town Hall Meeting slides

View presentation to the All Experimenters Meeting regarding the change in audio/video services at Fermilab





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