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CILogon Basic CA certificate users

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This article provides instructions on how to get a CILogon Basic CA certificate and load it in your browser. You do not renew your CILogon Basic CA certificate. Instead, you follow the same process as getting a new certificate.

NOTE: CILogon Certificates are valid for for up to 13 months (9516 hours). You will NOT receive a reminder when your certificate is close to expiration or has expired. You may wish to set a reminder to renew your certificate before it expires.



How to get a CILogon Basic CA certificate (follow this same process if you have a CILogon Basic CA certificate that will expire soon and you need to get a new one)

  1. Go to
  2. Look through the list of Identity Providers.
  3. If your institution is in that list, select it and click Log On.
  4. If your institution is not in that list, and you have accounts at Fermilab:
    • Select Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and click Log On.
    • Enter your Services account username and password, and click Login
  5. Enter a password to protect your certificate and click Get New Certificate.
  6. Click Click Here To Download Your Certificate and save your certificate to your computer.


How to load the CILogon Basic CA certificate into your browser

For Windows users:

For Mac users:


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