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Professional website users

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Employees and users at Fermilab can request a professional website hosted on Fermilab’s central web server. You may use this site to list professional information about yourself and link to your projects and papers. Professional website owners must read and follow the Fermilab Policy on Computing.

These sites are supported by the Core Computing Division. The initial quota for each site is 1GB with a maximum quota of 2GB upon request.

This article provides instructions on how to:



Requesting a professional website on the central web server

As of November 2016, you may NOT need to request a professional home page via Service Desk.  It may have been automatically created for you.  If you use a Windows computer, map a drive to \\filesrv\web. In this area, select the letter that matches the first letter of your user name and look for the subdirectory that matches your user name. If you find such a subdirectory, you can then copy your web files there and view them via

For information about accessing your professional home area on a Mac or Linux computer, see

If you can’t find a subdirectory that matches your username, log in to and fill out the Request Service form to have your professional website activated.


Editing your professional website

NOTE: Your professional website is found under filesrv01:/publicweb.  It is not stored in the public_web directory in your personal home directory.

To edit your site:

  1. Connect to the central web server content area by following instructions in
  2. Navigate to your directory. Professional website directories are grouped by the first letter of users’ account name. For example, if your account name is “ptr”, you need to go to the “/publicweb/p/ptr” directory.
  3. In your directory, you can create and edit your web files. You no longer need to create or use a “public_html” folder for your web files.
  4. To create a homepage, create a file called “index.html” in your directory. You may add more files, such as images or other HTML files, to your directory as needed.


  1. You will not be able to allow others to edit files in your professional website directory. The security controls being used prevent this from occurring.
  2. Files in your professional website directory are viewable by the public via a web browser. If you need to keep some files private, do not put them in your professional website directory.


PHP and CGI scripts

PHP and CGI scripts are not supported in your professional website area. Please see your experiment or department management to request space for project-related PHP or CGI scripts on your experiment or department web server.


Disabled Apache Directives

The following "Options"-type Apache Directives have been disabled from use for security and policy reasons.  Using one or more of them within an .htaccess file in your professional website directory will cause the Apache HTTPD server to disable your website until they are removed. 

Disabled Apache Option

Allowed Alternative

Reason for Being Disabled

Options All


Since certain specific Options have been disabled

Options ExecCGI


CGI scripts are not allowed within the professional website area

Options Includes


IncludesNOEXEC is allowed and will perform the same function as "Includes", only without the ability to execute CGI scripts which, as previously stated, has been disabled.

Options +Indexes


By Security policy, directory viewing has been disabled.

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