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How to Create a FNALU Account
Article: KB0012398 Published: 2017-06-15 Last modified: 2017-06-30

FNALU Accounts

In order to get an account, or to renew an account, on the central UNIX system FNALU, you will need approval from your supervisor or an experiment spokesperson when you request a FNALU Account. This is often needed to have a login directory, such as when you are going to launch jobs. It is not needed to access web pages and other documentation. Many experiments have it set up so that this access occurs as part of a user joining an experiment, but the following information is for those who need to request it explicitly.

To request a FNALU account:

  • Log in to the Service Desk
  • Click "Service Request Catalog" on the left
  • Click "Request New/Renew Accounts" > "Request FNALU Account" 


If you need dedicated space for your project on AFS, please fill out the AFS Space Request Form: 

  • Log in to the Service Desk
  • Click "Service Request Catalog" on the left
  • Click "Storage" > "AFS Space Request"


If you need to request an interactive account on your experiment's servers

  • Log into the Service Desk using your Services password.
  • Click on 'Service Request Catalog' in the left frame.
  • Click on 'Affiliation\Experiment Computing Account Request'
  • Use the 'Select Affiliation/Experiment' dropdown menu
  • If your experiment or project is not listed, request this through 'Create a New Scientific Computing Request'

Small projects may qualify under "Non-Grant Usage" guidelines. If you are part of a group or experiment that already has an approved grant, you may be covered by that grant, so check with your group/experiment first.


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